Monday, January 23, 2012

Happy New Year! What's Happening?

Elaine Benes: You know I got happy new yeared today?!!

Jerry Seinfeld: I once got happy new yeared in March!!

Happy 2012 everyone. I have been taking a breather from a weekly blog but will continue to write from time to time. I hope everyone had a great holiday season and is enjoying the beginning of 2012 as much as I am. January is a pretty busy month for me. The last two years I have been spending a week in Amsterdam this time of year but this year I went and played a GLTA event in Miami, FL. I was seeded 10th and upset the #7 seed to make it to the quarterfinals where I ended up losing to the #1 seed and eventual champion. It was a good run and I felt good going into the match but I refused to move my feet and my body was feeling lazy from the previous day of 3 total matches. I feel as if I'm getting too old to do both singles and doubles in these events. Might just try the singles draw only to try to win some hardware this year. Next up is Fort Lauderdale in February. 

The Australian Open is in full swing as well. It's been tough to watch this year . I have no cable and find myself being unable to stay up all night to watch the action. Ironic seeing how I work at night. Good thing for live radio feeds while I'm at work. Go Federer!

Ive taken on a lottery pool at work as well. This keeps me on my toes. Deacade$ of Dollar$ with 14 other coworkers. We plan on striking it rich this year. Maybe I'll buy a new car with my winnings.

That's whats been happening on my side of town. The Super Bowl is set. The Aussie Open finals are this coming weekend. My tennis is in full swing on the weekends. I've made my doctors appointments recently. (I'm overdue a skin check and physical). Ive booked my flights to Mexico and Fort Lauderdale. I celebrated Oliver's 12th birthday this month,and this weekend my newphew turns 4! Boom! Busy 2012 so far....bring on the next 11 months.

PS, Just heard a rumor that the Roanoke P&DC is safe from losing jobs til at least January 2013. So I guess I can start to finish unpacking at my apartment. and a possible buyout is in the works by March...stay tuned...