Sunday, October 2, 2011

National Mail a Hand Written Letter Day (Nov 1, 2011)


Almost 14 days ago I dropped my phone at work and it completely stopped working. Living without a dial tone and text messages has been quite a chore. Imagine! No iPhone means no hand held email,youTube,Facebook,sports scores,Angry Birds,Words with Friends,texts,calendar,alarms, you name. My convenient pocket guide to life is gone. I jokingly made a reference on facebook this week about anyone needing to reach me should write me a letter and sure enough in my mailbox this week was a hand written letter from my youngest brother. It instantly put me in a reflective nostalgic mood. It felt totally 1980's to receive this. It has literally been years since I had seen this form of communication addressed to me. I thanked him the best way I know how. Through Facebook of course. I joked  "If only I had a pen and paper...I'd write you back!"

Consider this: There is a generation among us that has never seen an envelope in a mail box with their name on it. We live in an age of texts,emails,facebook,tweets,etcs... Sitting down and actually writing letters to friends or even family...those days are gone.

It's weird to think that there are twentysomethings out there that has never felt what its like to even experience what a nice hand written letter will do for the "soul" ....assuming souls exist,....but you know what I mean.

This gave me an idea. I'm declaring a National Mail a Hand Written Letter Day for Tuesday, November 1,2011. Your goal should be to write to someone who has never had this experience to receive one. I'm not talking about a greeting card, I'm referring to a pen and a sheet of paper...complete with stamps and addresses. Our demographic to reach should be someone 24 or younger. 

I will spread the word with a more modern means of communication. Facebook. I will be creating a "National Mail a Hand Written Letter Day" page and making it public for all to attend. Hey, if a page getting started to campaign for Betty White to host Saturday Night Live could achieve success, why not this?!

I'm off to buy a book of stamps....Peace


  1. Hiya Kashmiracle!

    Great minds think alike. After hearing about all the financial travails plaguing the USPS last month, I declared October 22nd - National Mail-A-Letter-Day. I started a facebook page here:

    Perhaps we can join forces? I can post messages to the group or make you a joint moderator of the page. As long as people are sending real letters, it's a win! Let me know what you think.


  2. Very Nice Hilary....I just posted a comment on your facebook page. I have created a page for my National "holiday" as well :)
    a fan page and an Event page...check them out.
    Friend me on facebook if you wish ...Good luck on Oct 22nd :)