Sunday, October 16, 2011

A Voice Said to Be He

 "In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth...And God said,Let there be light: and there was light."  -Genesis 1:1&3

"And God said unto Noah,The end of all flesh is come before me;for the earth is filled with violence through them and behold I will destroy them with the earth." -Genesis 6:13

 "And the Lord said unto Moses,Lo,I come unto thee in a thick cloud that the people may hear when I speak with thee,and believe thee forever..." -Genesis 19:9

"And God said (unto Abraham), take now thy son,thine only son Isaac,whom thou lovest,and get thee into the land of Moriah;and offer him there for a burnt offering upon one of the mountains which I will tell thee of." 
-Genesis 22:2

God said this and God said that. The Bible is riddled with quote after quote from the Almighty. In "biblical days" God was as common a voice as any modern day news anchor. God was around every street corner and directing traffic in the world that He created. Every story you read in the Old Testament was pretty much dictated by the voice from above. As a kid growing up in Sunday school class every week I couldn't help wonder...Why would a voice heard so often in the Holy Bible be so silent in the year 1983. If God is so animated and interactive with his humanoid creations in "biblical days" why then, can't I "see" Him or hear him in more modern times. This was my thinking as an eight year old.
I'm not sure how old I was when I figured out there is no actual voice of God,but it has taken me even longer in life to make this bold claim:
Ladies and gentlemen, God has never said jack shit! No one who has ever walked the face of this earth,including but not limited to,all those "characters" in the bible, has ever heard the actual voice of God.
Let's rephrase that so there be no misunderstanding: 
God has never spoken to anyone that's ever walked the face of this earth. EVER. 
Not Adam nor Eve,Noah,Moses,Abraham,Wesley Smith,the Pope,Jerry Falwell,Bin Laden,Andrea Yates,Matthew,Mark,Luke or John,David Koresh,Jim Jones,nor Mother Teresa. NO ONE!

Mankind has been shoving words down God's throat for thousands of years. God said this and God said that, God spoke to me...,God speaks...,God has lead me to do this or that. All these claims are false. To anyone that would like to dispute this claim I would submit to you that you should thankful for there not being an actual voice of God. The bible is littered with "stories" with so much killing and barbarism and completely wiping out entire cities of "corrupt" people which, you have to assume included the innocent lives of women,children,and unborn fetus'. It should tame one's mind that this is merely men doing these acts of violence in the name of God or perhaps claiming that God commanded this violence. Once you realize there is no voice descending down from heaven and instructing a mere man in commandments and violence;Its actually a big sigh of relief.

I guess the big draw back in admitting this lack of voice over from heaven is not knowing where your morals or goodness towards man comes from. I'll refrain from mentioning the evolutionary process of man has spawned acts of kindness towards others. This is another blog entry in itself. Your morals does not come from a reading of the bible. Period. Stay tuned for this entry coming soon.

I saw an interview with Bill Maher on the Conan O'Brien show once when Maher was promoting his movie "Religulous" and he made a comment on the voice of God. 
 "God,I mean why? If He's all powerful,why does He always tell his important stuff to one prophet,alone? He always takes some guy up on a mountain,or out in the woods where nobodies around. Why don't He just stop the world and go "Hey! Hi everybody! Its God! And the correct religion issssss...Shinto!"

This is hitting the nail on the head. Moses was asked to climb Mt Sinai alone. Wesley Smith had a conversation with God alone in the woods. No one was around to witness the voice of God when Abraham was being instructed to sacrifice his only son to show loyalty. The same can be said for Andrea Yates when God told her to drown her 5 children in that bathtub. Anyone who has ever claimed to have heard a voice of God should be treated as needing lots of medication. They are borderline insane once they act violently from the voices they hear. 

Most Christians thinks its wonderful when they hear such testimony that God is calling someone into the ministry or as a missionary. The trouble is God has never spoken to anyone. Their claim that God instructs them is false. I hear a voice inside my head every day. Its called my conscience. And my "voice" says there is no God. I guess to the believer that's the voice of Satan. 

So let's approach this divine voice with extreme caution. Rational and reasonable people understand that once someone makes bold claims (as our world's religious leaders so often do)about hearing a voice from the heavens its a free for all. The sky's the limit. You can make any claim you want and make it believable by simply telling your followers you're under divine instruction. But sadly since there are no gods talking to us. That claim is made by man. And man has spawned so much lunacy in the name of an imaginary voice.

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