Sunday, March 13, 2011

400 Years From Now....People Will Be Eating Lunch!

400 years from now people on earth,or even Mars for that matter,will still be eating lunch! That's just how easy it is to predict natural disasters as well. From the very beginnings of the formation of our Earth there have been what we would call in modern times:Natural Disasters. Earthquakes,tsunamis,hurricanes,typhoons,avalanches,tornado's,wild name it!

As I'm writing this blog the story of a major earthquake and tsunami have struck Japan and no sooner than this headline broke did China suffer an earthquake as well. In the coming hours more and more horrible footage of  human carnage will surface to remind the world yet again that we are simply at the mercy of Mother Nature and Mother Earth. We,the human race, are bi-products of all things natural that the Earth has ever produced. As we have evolved over a few million years into the very intelligent spices we now know.

I do question the fully evolved status of some of my fellow humans when a disaster like this strikes. I'm left wondering whether their brains made it to the finish line in terms of the evolutionary process (those are snide jokes). When something like this happens in our world,some people simply wander back into a stone age way of thinking. Lets explain:

The earthquake/tsunami in Japan followed by an earthquake in China in as many hours were NOT signs of a pissed off God. This is not punishment from "God" for having mankind turn his back on Him. The "People do not fear God"crowd and the "God is trying to tell us something" crowd are simply just reverting back to a stone age way of thinking...Its baffling.

What are you thinking? Hmmmm... God lounging around on his heavenly sofa,perhaps bored, and decides that its been awhile since he made the earth's crust move?! And what better way to punish a group of people in the part of the world where they don't even bother to worship Him.

"I'll show those Buddhists who's boss!", "Shinto!? I don't think so...." says God

The "End of Times" crowd need to understand something. Natural disasters have been occurring on this Earth from the very beginning of its formation. Long before a religion was so shamelessly invented by people that had no clue how nature worked...Earthquakes,tsunamis,volcanic eruptions were around billions of years before mankind ever had a chance to define how and why they happen. So you are not allowed to label them as "Holy terrifying" or "Jesus is coming soon" events.

Let's go grab a virgin girl and toss her into a volcano so that the gods will allow our crops to grow this year. Outdated I know, but was once a popular belief by the ancients. It is the equivilent of believing that God dictates natural disasters and weather patterns around our world to punish mankind and so we better fear this God so he will show mercy on us when its time to move the earth's crust.

So when your holy texts suggest that natural disasters are signs of the end times...Please keep in mind that they were happening long before the holy text were written (and edited). They have been happening since the holy books have been published,and they will continue to happen as long as mankind is here to witness them....Even 400 years from someone is having their lunch.

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