Sunday, March 6, 2011

Showing Some Skin and Bringing It!

The first entry I wrote in this blog was concerning meeting my New Year's Resolution for 2011. I prefer to call resolutions in the new year goals as to strive to reach them and not just make a list of maybes that I will get around to perhaps accomplishing. 2011's goal was of course  to write an entry in this blog for the next fifty-two weeks and so far so good. Even though I was late in publishing one week (Sorry Z). 2010's goal was to commit to a 90-day workout program known as P90x. Mission accomplished! I'm proud to say that after the program I felt like a million bucks. It was a big boost in energy and confidence as I sported around South Beach,Miami in my new speedo. 
 This past week I started pressing play once again. Its round two of P90x 2011. Between this and the blog and work and tennis I'm not sure where I will find the time to do anything else. So I thought I would at least reflect on my experiences with this program in my blog and combine both goals at once.

Personally speaking, there were four factors that I needed to consider before embarking on such a workout program: Discipline,motivation,patience and time. The only one of these factors that comes naturally to me is patience. The number one reason for picking a 90-day workout program for my new year's goal was for practicing discipline.

Discipline is something that I lack in life and I think the reason thats so is that I am my on  boss. I sleep when I want...I eat when I want...I set my on personal schedule to my liking. I do not really like to cater to anyone else...I like doing whatever I want...whenever I feel.Oh no! Now I have an appointment with Tony Horton (host of P90x) at least six times a week.

Motivation is important as well. I used to belong to a gym for two years prior to P90x. I joined it...and in two years...I went to that gym once! Twenty bucks a month for two years meant that one trip cost me 480.00! That should give you some idea of the motivation I had in working out in public gyms. The equipment that was required for P90x cost me just 275.00. This is excluding the cost of the program. I got lucky, a coworker let me borrow her copy (in which I still haven't returned. Sorry Carolyn!!). The cost and benefits of this program far supersede the price of a gym membership. Consider P90x.

Patience was the easiest of them all. This is a word used when looking for the desired results and goals while using the program. I am six feet tall and weigh 150 pounds. Slim, lean and unable to gain weight,it did not take me long to start seeing results. If you are not at your ideal weight then you will need patience to not only complete this workout program,but also to see results. It will happen over time and as Tony likes to say "Keep pressing play"

Time is of the utmost importance as well. You simply have to take the time to workout.Clear your schedule for ninety minutes a day. From prepping for workout to tucking away your equipment post workout, you will need just an hour and a half. The actual workouts are just a mere 45 minutes or so not counting the pre and post workout stretches. Piece of cake. Eliminate some TV,computer,and other time consuming activities from your life and you have the time. Of course to do this....You'll need discipline,patience,and motivation. So we have come full circle.

The only regimen I elected not to follow was the diet plan. However I exercised my four above mentioned factors once again and cut out a lot of junk in my diet. For 90 days I avoided potato chips,ice cream,pizza,sodas,candy,and alcohol just to name a few. OK...well...hmmm...I allowed myself one mountain dew a day :) Can't live without that sweet nectar. And perhaps an adult beverage on the weekends...Hey! I like to be my on boss!

The following photos were before/after shots of my 2010 P90x adventure...Go for it people!

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