Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Almighty's Sense of Humor

I was scrolling through my news feed on facebook this week when I happen onto a friend's prayer request. This is not uncommon for my news feed because I happen to have a lot of friends that are devout in their Christian beliefs. In fact I commonly refer to my news feed on a Sunday as my weekly "Prayer Request List". From illness to death or from feast to famine and everything in between my friends need prayer. Fine. It's your wall....spill it.
 This particular request was for a good offer on a house her family was trying to sell. Now,keep in mind I have a very comical mind. I try to make little mental cartoons out of everything that arises in life. It's how I deal with the pressures and stress I face daily. There were a flood of thoughts running through my mind once I read this. My first thought was....Well In this economy,I can see where we would rely on a higher power to intervene in the selling of a house. It's just not a good time to sell right now. But after a little more thought I wrote in the comments section of this post: "God uses his power as an omniscient real estate broker."

Well what followed was a complete firestorm. This comment was not intended to offend but,oh my! The words that I typed were received with complete ridicule,and I received two sermons as a result of this blasphemy. My friend assured me in her belief in God and that He is in complete control of everything in life and that she loves Him and He loves her and of course He loves me too. Fair enough. But her husband,a guy whom I have never met, is extremely quick to judge. He was not very sympathetic to the sin that I had just committed. He responds:
 "Furthermore, Mike, God won't be mocked. [My wife] speaks of His love, but we must also remember that God is just and will not tolerate sin. Belittling His power is a sin that I wouldn't suggest you repeat. What you say in jest on a FB wall is easy enough to delete or unfriend. However, mocking the Lord in your heart is handled by God in an entirely different manner that has eternal consequences that I do not wish you, or anyone else on this world, to experience."

Wow! Double Wow! I just sat there wondering..Does the Almighty have a sense of humor? It seems to me... that if you have the power and authority to start assigning God all kinds of human emotions such as love,compassion,understanding,wrath,jealousy, intolerance or justice.....One would also be able to assign him a sense of humor. Since devout believers have a certainty about their personal relationship with this deity and they know that they know that they know everything about him and He everything about us; One can't help but wonder why the Almighty would be willing to damn me for a gentle light humor. It's as if the good Lord has a greyhound bus with my name on the license plate and its just waiting for me not to look both ways before i cross the street so He can mow me down. That'll show me for mocking Him.
In times like these I have to make another mental cartoon: Consider all that's wrong in the world today: Right now,somewhere in the world,a child is being raped and murdered. Wars are tearing families apart.Warlords and drug cartels  and terrorists are killing thousands of innocent people in this world. Corruption everywhere. Scandal and strife. It's hard for me to imagine the Almighty standing at his throne....hands on hips...a mean nasty look on his face...steam coming out of his ears and nose because of what he sees going on in this lowly world. And with all that's wrong with this planet, he looking down here and thinking:
"Look at that! Just look at that...Michael called me an omniscient real estate broker!!!"

 I believe,if God does exist, that he sees the humor in my life and in yours.So allow me to assign the Almighty a sense of humor. I just wish his followers had one as well.

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  1. I would tend to believe that God has super humor. Kudo's on your FB post..I found it hilarious.