Sunday, May 8, 2011

Our Need for Hell

New York's Daily News frontpage headline for May 2, 2011:: ROT IN HELL! Obama:U.S. Team Kills Bin Laden in firefight.

TIME magazine cover story for April 25,2011::WHAT IF THERE'S NO HELL? A popular pastor's best selling book has stirred fierce debate about sin,salvation and judgement.

Sunday,May 1,2011 was a great day in our world's history. The mastermind behind September 11th,2001 had been shot and killed by U.S. forces in Pakistan. Osama bin Laden had been the leader for al-Qaida since its beginning and is responsible for the death of thousands of innocent lives around the world.
I treated the news of OBL's death a little more differently than most people it seemed.
First, I could have cared less that the bullet that ripped open his skull was fired from a gun carried by a U.S. soldier. It could have just as well been fired from a Pakistani police officer and the news would have been just as exciting. In fact, I wish it could have been a British soldier who fired that fateful shot. At the very least I wouldn't have had to read over my news feed about the feuding among friends that were giving credit to our current President Obama versus the Thank God for Cowboy Bush crowd.
Secondly, I didn't celebrate the death either. That's right! I didn't commence to cartwheel down the street,set off fireworks,or start singing Lee Greenwood's God Bless the USA. I was a bit disturbed by the ever present ticker tapering around the White House. I,instead took a more conservative approach(imagine that). I elected to keep a somber mood and reflect on all the families that had lost loved ones over the years due to this monster. And by all the families...I'm referring to a global family.

 What amazed me about the death announcement of OBL was this constant theme of condemning this guy straight to Hell. From the average Joe all the way to the highest of people in power. It was a "burn in Hell" going away party. 
 Now,If you are an OBL sympathizer and fellow Muslim extremist you should have a completely different point of view of where your fearless leader is. Paradise with 72 virgins right? It would be nice to watch and listen to a debate between the new top leader of al-Qaida and say....someone like Jack Van Imp. Two complete delirious and delusional ends of the religious spectrum. What entertainment that would be to listen to each of them try to convince the other the where OBL's final eternal hangout place is located. 
 Anyone with a rational voice and reasonable mind should be able to deduct that the evidence for either final eternal vacation home is zero.
  However,come to think of it, It becomes clear that despite there being zero evidence for Hell;There is a huge remarkable need for Hell. We need a place for Osama to be tortured forever. Hitler....Stalin...the neighborhood child rapist and murderer! Try to envision the lives of these men ending at just the grave! <crickets chirping> Thank goodness gentle Jesus,meek and mild, came on to the scene. He has assured us that the evil doers of the world will have a place to go and be punished forever. But even Jesus acknowledged that there will be collateral damage in this process. Apparently anyone who doesn't believe in Jesus is eligible to go there...this includes children. It's a small price to pay to ensure our mental health that OBL is burning in a lake of fire right now. I'm not sure how Christians can come to terms with this nasty little dilemma of Innocent people burning forever. You have to assume that some Hell believers also acknowledge that some of the people that died on 9/11 (died in sin) are burning in that same lake of fire right along with Osama. Really?! 
What the Hell? Enough of this Hell business already!     

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