Sunday, June 19, 2011

You've Met Me Half Way

 On June 17, This blog has officially hit 2500 page views. I did not know what to expect when exploring the idea of starting a blog back in January. It's something that I have been wanting to try for at least three years and so I thought,"Here goes nothing." My 2011 New Year's resolution (goal) was to submit one entry a week for an entire year. So far so good. I have met my "deadline" (post every Sunday afternoon) every week with the exception of one entry in which I bit off more than I can chew that required a lot of editing and research when writing a piece on evolution.

So, you have met me half way in reaching my goal. Thanks to everyone that is reading this blog on a regular basis. Your continuous support and comments are very much appreciated. It's a great feeling to be approached at work or through facebook chats and listen to every one's comments regarding the week's subject.

The website I use for blogging ( allows the user to track how many hits the entire blog is receiving as well as the number of hits each individual blog has received. The following is a list of the top ten most popular entries so far (statistically speaking)

  1. Baptist,Republicans,and Vegetarians  [374]
  2. You Had To Be There  [306]
    April 24
  3. Showing Some Skin and Bringing It  [103]
    March 6
  4. My Tattoo Evolution   [83]
    April 17
  5. Coming Out of the Closet.....Again  [67]
  6. The Power of Prayer (Chapter II) The Great Call Center in the Sky  [61]
    May 22
  7. The Power of Prayer (Part I)  [59]
    May 15
  8. I'm Sure To Offend (Reader Discretion Advised) [58]
    Jan. 30
  9. My Promise to Society  [56]
  10. An Open Letter to P.B.S.  [49]
    Feb. 27
Statistics are current from 5:30pm June 17,2011

The Top Ten Countries viewing the blog. (Google searches)
  1. United States of America   [1400]
  2. India  [147]
  3. United Kingdom  [128]
  4. Canada  [112]
  5. Philippines  [96]
  6. Australia  [61]
  7. United Arab Emirates  [51]
  8. Saudi Arabia  [26]
  9. Jordan  [23]
  10. South Africa  [23]

The second half of the year should prove very interesting as I complete this goal. 2011 is flying by and this blog will complete just as fast as it was started. A few topics I want to tackle in the second half of the year:
Pledge of Allegiance
Santa Claus
Blessings (from above)
College Football
Hearing Voices

Stay tuned.... :)

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