Sunday, September 11, 2011

September 11,2001

When I arrived home from work at 7:00am on September 11,2001 I did something I never do once I walked through my door. I cut on my TV. For some reason or another I wanted to watch the morning news as I sat down to check emails and surf the web. By the end of the day the history in which I just witnessed would forever change our lives.
 This week the entire country has been reflecting on the ten year anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. I too have been in a very reflective mood. I have spent many hours over the last ten years watching footage of that fateful day from clips and tributes on youtube and TV,but this week I wanted to take a look at the aspects of all the conspiracy theories that are floating around. I've never explored the angles of everyone that feels that 9/11 was contributed as an inside job or at least our government had prior knowledge. I can't say that I'm completely convinced that a conspiracy was involved. But I have had my eyes opened to many of the facts about that day that just simply doesn't add up. 
Some facts that doesn't make sense:
- According to the 9/11 Commission Report, none of the 4 flight recorders (black boxes) were ever recovered.
    ~Black boxes have been recovered in our most deepest oceans and you can't find them among the Ground Zero ruble? 
    ~Bone fragments the size of finger nails were used in the identifying of victims but yet two flight recorders went missing? (I don't think so)

-World Trade 7 building collapses at 5:30pm on Sept. 11th despite not being damaged by the Twin Towers or being hit by a plane.
    ~So for the first time in history a steel structured building collapses from suffering through an office fire. 
    ~ The conspiracy theorist believes both Twin Towers and building 7 were controlled demolitions 

 Some even more bizarre theories include that the Israeli Central Intelligence Agency was behind the attacks and the hijackers were already in control of AA flight 11 before the plane ever left the run way. 

Anyone can investigate these theories through film and video all available online. I'm not subscribing to every belief out there but its curious to how an event of this magnitude and scale could have all been orchestrated from the caves of Afghanistan. And despite the questions that will never be answered concerning September 11,2001 the mood will remain the same. Grief. Grief for the victims and the families that must live on through this terrible event in our world's history.

I hope you take the time today to remember..... 

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