Sunday, September 4, 2011

Cable Be Gone

I lived the first twenty one years of my life without cable TV. Yes, my poor deprived childhood! Go to my old neighborhood  and you'll notice that even to this day. September 2011, there are no cable lines that run through the community.It's not as though my parents were cheap or had the desire.... cable wasn't even an option for those poor folks that lived down on the county line. I suppose when you live in such a rural area you should consider yourself lucky to have running water and electricity. No cable probably explains why I grew up playing games and sports. Of course having two brothers around helps that greatly as well. Our outlets were sports and fighting each other since there was nothing on TV.  
 The day I moved to Roanoke,VA all that changed. Cable! I was in heaven....well...heaven as far as I understood it at the time. The plan was to only leave my apartment when it was time to go to work. MTV,VH1,CNN,ESPN,ESPN2,Comedy Central....the list was too big to recall. A total step up from back in the day of channel 7,10,and 13. Plus a very fuzzy Fox network. I would come home from work in the late 90's and do nothing but watch TV. Take a nap, watch more TV and head off to work again. and repeat the process countless times.  
 Over the course of time (headed on 15 years) I have slowly gotten away from watching my beloved cable-vision. These days my TV generates a very small percentage of my electric bill. I recently said this week that the only time I need cable these days is 8 weeks a year when the four tennis majors are in full swing. 
  The US Open started on Monday and I have yet to watch a match on TV. Why!? Well....Last week I moved to a new apartment and I decided to give up the world of cable (an experiment). Paying over 1200.00 a year for an eight week sports package is a little extreme wouldn't you say? Cable has run its course (for now) and I will return back to my roots and live a life without what seems like hundreds of channel options. Oh,fret not for me, my options online and Netflix and Hulu should keep me busy enough for the next few years. So long cable...Hello freedom!

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