Sunday, July 31, 2011

God's Magic

Last week I wrote and compared the fictional works of the Harry Potter book series and the similar fictional aspects of the Holy Bible. I would like to continue that  this week by exploiting  the magic tricks that "God" uses in the entire Bible book series. Of course the Holy Bible consists of 66 total books and there are plenty of unrealistic occurrences throughout. A talking snake,Jonah living in a fish for three days,Moses parting the Red Sea,Elijah being whisked away to heaven courtesy a whirl wind,raising the dead,Noah's ark,virgin birth,Sodom and Gomorrah being destroyed by raining hell fires and some lady being turned into a pillar of salt as punishment for watching the city burn,and Rumpelstiltskin the gold straw spinning imp.

OK, so maybe the Rumpelstiltskin story wasn't biblical, but one wonders if it were nestled somewhere in the Bible whether it would be defended as truth by millions of Bible believing Christians. Fairy tales are fairy tales,regardless where they are published,whether that be in children's story books or in holy books.

In modern Christianity,progressive Christians have no problems accepting these bible stories as nothing more than metaphors, or fables with a life's lesson attached. To the progressive: The one burning question remains. In the Bible, where do the fairy tales end? Where does the poetic metaphors and myths end and the truth begins? At what point should I start to believe the Bible? 

It seems to me that once the Bible was concluded in its writing and publication the super natural events of the world came to an all the sudden stop. Why don't we see these unrealistic events happening in modern times? Including but not even limited to hearing the actual voice of God. If you are a believer I would like to remind you that you live in a natural world....not a super natural world. This world acts in such a way that you would expect it to act as if its only being ran by natural laws.

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