Sunday, July 24, 2011

Harry Potter;Based on a True Story

Last weekend I started a Harry Potter marathon. Anyone who knows me will tell you how remarkable a statement this is. I am not a movie person. To get me inside a movie theater involves a lot of kicking and screaming. Even though I will admit they are at times....some what enjoyable. So far I've seen the first three. Harry has thus far found a sorcerer's stone,a chamber of secrets,and help an escape prisoner clear his name in Hogwartville...or something like that. Its kept my interest enough to continue this weekend. In store is a half blooded prince and some type of goblet of fire. I dunno. After those two I think I still have 3 more to go,including the newest release in theaters now. I'm sure I will handle the "excitement" with ease. I'm so thrilled about it that I made it a blog entry. 
 One thought I have as watching this series is the absurdity of the ultra right-winged,neo-con,religious nut jobs that refuse to let their children read these books or watch these films on the ground that it's satanism or "of the devil" as I have heard it referred to. It's interesting that there have actually been book burning events to rid the world of this great evil of ours. I have to laugh. Even though,now that I think of it, If Harry Potter would have been around in the early to mid 80's, He would have been banned by the church that I grew up in. For the same reason as all movies,rock and roll music, and shorts wearing were banned. Wild times. This may be why I am not conditioned to walk into movie theaters. When I was growing up, I wasn't allowed to go. I was 18 when I walked into a movie theater for the first time. "Alein III" Never saw the first two but I didn't care. My friends invited me to go, it was a major rebellion and I went. I'm sitting there watching this alien film and was wondering when is Satan bursting through this movie screen and stealing my soul for all eternity. Actually you sit there and think. What the hell? You mean Jesus does not approve of this? Why? Because the popcorn is unhealthy? Because someone on the big screen might say the word "fuck" and Jesus will take offense? Jesus never heard of that word back in the first century.....

I think the neo-con that refuses to let their children explore the imaginations and explorations of Harry Potter does so defensively. It's quite possible that the parents are a bit scared that their children will be able to correlate the make believe and fantasy aspects of both Harry Potter and the Bible. The first book of the Bible introduces the reader  to a talking snake as does the first book on Potter. Of course the neo-con religious believes in the talking snake in at least one of those books. I'll let you figure out which one.
 I mean what's more believable? A talking snake in the Bible or in H.Potter? How can the believer refuse the belief in the three headed dog in H.P. but openly believe in a guy living in the belly of a fish for three days (Jonah). The believer dismisses the idea one can fly around on a broom and yet still believe its possible to round up every species known to man put them on an ark,store enough food for 40 days, watch it rain and flood the earth,and then somehow convince all those species to have sex and procreate and replenish the earth after the great flood.....The believer (rightfully) dismisses the belief in waving a magic wand saying a fictitious word and casting spells and yet will still believe in a guy named Moses "waving his wand" and parting the Red Sea.

I think it starts to become clear. I've heard it said and say it myself. You can NOT prove the existence of God by anything the Bible says. That's like me trying to prove to you that Harry Potter is real based on the 7 books written about him. I believe it was Richard Dawkins that pointed out (If I'm mistaken,my apologies)::
"...and really, the only difference between Harry Potter and the Bible.....Harry Potter is modern fiction and the Bible is ancient fiction."

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