Sunday, July 10, 2011

A New Traditional Marriage....Get Used To It

 I used to be a completely neutral party when it came to the subject of gay marriage. I never paid attention to the debates and controversies as I were completely indifferent to the idea of the gay community being able to walk and say "I do". I've never considered marriage an important ideal for myself and I have a hard time grasping why anyone,gay or straight, would want to "make it official". Just be with the one you love and be happy in your partnerships.Not sure why that requires ceremonies and rings to symbolize a love between two people.
 My only theory with why the gay community continues to struggle for the right to marry involves religion. I've always considered a marriage ceremony to be a religious ceremony.Every wedding I have ever attended was religious themed. Vows before"God" and prayers and long standing traditions between the faiths and their personal beliefs. Of course, I would hate to think that the ideas involving the traditional marriage in the opposition to gay marriage is due to biblical reasons. What a pity if so.....
According to the bible, It was a wedding tradition to stone your new wife to death in front of her father's doorstep if you were to find out that she was not a virgin on her wedding night. Ahhhhh traditional biblical marriage....sounds like its worth defending.
The bible is full of trash laws like this. Stoning sons for being disobedient.Selling your daughter into sexual slavery.Killing people for gathering sticks on a Sunday. Child sacrifice.Animal sacrifice.Genocide.Slavery. 

The opposition to gay marriage has no ground to stand on. Their thought process is bankrupt. Morally bankrupt if you consider some of the most immoral activity taking place in the traditions of the bible. And the bible is what is the driving force to oppose more than the gay community's right to be an equal among everyone else. The bible has been used to oppress women,African Americans,and of course gays as well. 
The gay community faces opposition from groups of people that have their lives dictated by an ancient 2000 year old text. Superstition and dogma is ruling the roost. People hold the bible so near and dear to them and believe it is actually a guiding force to live out our modern lives. People are prisoners to the ideas and traditions of the bible. They think their holy book was written by God or at the very least was inspired by God. These beliefs are false. 
 Your holy book has been used to endorse and defend the institution of slavery. As odd as that sounds and as morally bankrupt as that truly is. So will future generations look back at this gay marriage issue with trivial perplexity. If you're a religious nut job that uses the bible as opposition to gay marriage,you should be embarrassed and ashamed that you're a slave to the ideals and traditions of the bronze age.

 Everyone should be free to marry whomever they choose,if they even choose it at all. You can't help who you are attracted to and who one falls in love with. Where else in our human discourse do we still live by ancient texts other than religions? What a pity....To quote the great Christopher Hitchens: 
"Ladies and gentlemen,I close by saying, I can't believe there is a thinking person here who does not realize that our species would begin to grow to something like its full height,if it left this childishness behind.If it emancipated itself from this sinister childish nonsense...thank you!"

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