Sunday, December 4, 2011

Don't Call Me Daddy

I wonder what life would be like being a father? I spent some time this week day dreaming on the idea that I had a son or daughter running around this world and contemplated how much my life would have changed as a result. I wonder how or what approach I would use to raise such a being into adulthood. It is at the very least an 18 year commitment. I know that the days of sleeping in would be gone. I'm quite sure I would have to buy all their meals. Less tennis to be played.Eventually trying to figure out Algebra all over again. I've never considered being a parent to be a very enticing job description. I'm pretty sure its very rewarding but I wouldn't know if I were up to the task. 

One of the problems facing society is a result of natural selection. It's pretty simple really and there is nothing that can be done about it. Its a given in the world you were born into. The simple fact is: If you can get can become a parent. This by the way, is not a good thing. There are plenty...PLENTY of unfit parents in this world. Anyone who has googled images of child abuse will see true evil in this world. Some parents aren't fit enough to even supply the bare basics to their children. At times this is at no fault of their on. They refuse to use birth control and out come the babies. Unfit parents can barely manage their own lives and it complicates life more to try and supply children with proper shelter,food and clothes. Its a harsh reality we live in. Sad.

If I Were a Daddy::

If I became a dad my child would learn about the realities of the world as soon as he/she became old enough to understand them. My child would know at a very early age that he/she has it much better than millions of children in the world,and that understanding how lucky we have it and consider helping those that have less. I think that's a very good first lesson in sharing. I would want a child that finds it more fulfilling to go pick an angel off the angel tree at the mall during the holiday season rather than haul ass to Santa's lap to selfishly start naming off a list of 20 different wants for his elves to consider. In fact, I wouldn't play the Santa game at all..My child would know from a very early age there is no Santa that makes dreams come true. The Santa game is just awful. Lying to your kids about a fictional character that shows up once a year,delivering gifts to kids that's been good. Nonsense. How do parents react to their children when they lie to them? Usually punishment of some form. Double standard really. Society lies to their kids about Santa,tooth fairies,Easter bunnies,etc. How about the magic of reality? Nothing rewarding about that? Might as well tell your children that we are here on earth because Adam and Eve are responsible for populating this entire planet...or depending on your fictional beliefs Noah's family considering they were the only survivors of the Great Flood. Oh, What a sec. That's another thing people lie to their children about.... But to quote the great George Costanza "It's not a lie, if you believe it!"
My child would understand and (hopefully) accept evolution. And also ( I apologize in advance) be the kid at school telling your kids the wonderful truths of the world. Science and math would be of the utmost importance living under my roof. Education couldn't be emphasized enough. Yes dear society,what I'm saying to you is...My child would be taught how to think,not what to think. I guess that means presenting both sides to the arguments. But that's nothing to worry about knowing that critical thinking and reason wins the day. Just look to the evidence right?!

I have in the past considered donating sperm to have a little Weaver running around out there. I don't think that would be a lot of fun knowing I couldn't have a hand in raising him/her. Then again I'm not so convinced raising a son/daughter would be fun. Who knows....
I know the actual act of donating would be a lot of fun. I've had plenty of practice runs at that activity. I wonder if there's is an audition......

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