Thursday, December 22, 2011

Mission Accomplished

 Well, a year of blogging has come and gone. I set out to post an entry a week for the last 52 weeks and I have just about raced across the finish line. This entry and my next will be a completed task and goal that I set forth in 2011.
I was having breakfast with my dad a little over a year ago and the conversation we had that morning was a helpful tool in determining what my blog set out to do. He explained to me this idea and fantasy he had about writing about his life,a memoir if you will, because he understood personally that  no one knew him very well. He is such a quiet and private private in fact that I dare say even his three sons doesn't know him very well. He isn't exactly the kind of guy that opens up and communicates very well either. I know this because he has passed on those genes to me. Anyone who has ever dated me knows I don't speak my mind when I should. It's a suppressed feelings gene and the Weaver's have it!
So, That lead me to take action and create a blog to create some openness between I and the people that know me best. I saw that I was living the same life as my dad and that I do not always speak what I feel. So a blog was born. My opinions and ideas are shared to all those that care enough to read. 
I would like to thank everyone that has read an entry or two in the past year. Some of you have read every one of the entries and to that I say're the best! Thanks!
All the thumb's up,comments, and concerns were greatly appreciated. To date I have 5505 total hits for the 50 current entries....and counting.

I will continue to blog in 2012 but at a more random schedule. I still have a lot to say and open up to and I didn't get to approach every subject that I set out to comment on. I hope every one has a great holiday season and a Happy 2012!

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