Monday, December 12, 2011

Poor College Football Fans

Well, another college football regular season has come to a close. I would love to be able to tell you that 2011 was an exciting and thrilling season but I never watched a single minute of any of the games. What's the point knowing the end game is always a disaster. By end game of course I'm referring to the travesties that await at the end of the season. A final time of booting up the BCS computers to see which two teams finally qualified for the BCS Championship Game. Everyone knows the story. A complex computer formula for determining the final 2 colleges. The formula has to do with a few polls,added in with a win/loss record...perhaps influenced by a touch of strength of schedule...and who's got the prettiest cheerleaders I think is a factor...after all that is determined then you divide all those results by the square root of average attendance. Top two teams plays for the title. 
The bottom line is pretty simple. Once your favorite college team suffers its first loss of the season....Their season just ended. So it could be said that the NCAA college football playoffs starts in week one of the season. Its a shame that college football is so popular. Fans don't seem to mind the lack of a playoff system and no one seems to be allergic to all that wool the BCS has used to cover the eyes of the fans. 
It just doesn't seem right to me. College water polo is settled through a final NCAA tournament. Until college football adopts a playoff system,I'm officially boycotting the game. Enjoy the 6 week break before the "big game" fans. Seems to me that is plenty of time to have a top 10 playoff system. Keep your user friendly ranking system intact and use it for this playoff system. If there is a controversy...and there will be a the very least let it be between the 9th-12th ranked teams. Leave the finger pointing and blame out of the top 3 or 4 ranked schools.
Every year fans piss and moan about this team and that team not be worthy of going to their respected bowl games. VA Tech caught a lot flack for being assigned the Sugar Bowl in New Orleans this year. A playoff system would most definitely  be the best way to prove the VA Tech Hokies are not deserving of this. They lose in the first round and only have themselves to blame.... they win...well off to the next round. I won't waste any time bashing VA Tech or and other college I said I don't keep up with college football. I don't want to upset any Hokie fans out there...I understand Beamer walks on water. I get it. Go Hokies!!

Meanwhile I'm gonna go watch the NCAA Women's volleyball tourney to get my December madness fix.

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