Sunday, January 16, 2011

Downtown Living.....

It's been almost four years ago that I made the move to downtown Roanoke,VA. I normally follow this up with a "What took me so long!?" or " I should have done this a whole lot sooner!"  I talk to so many people around me that say " I never go downtown" and then the excuses roll.... I can't find parking...I'm not paying to park....I don't know how to parallel park...There's nothing to do...The homeless are cumbersome...The transvestites are scary on Salem Ave.

Really!? Whens the last time you came downtown? 1982?

How could the people of Roanoke and its surrounding areas not utilize the best features of the "city" they call home? Do you really think our out of town guests flock to Tanglewood to get a feel for the city?  Why would you Roanokers?

I've been living in Roanoke for thirteen years and I've always enjoyed going downtown. Mill Mountain Coffee(sorry Starbucks),Macado's(no thanks Famous Anthony's), and our beautiful market area! (Kiss my ass Valley View). Moving here was a no brainer. To be able to walk home after dinner,drinks,shopping,and yes even after work on occasions is its biggest advantage. To be so close to Roanoke's finest restaurants,museums,and art galleries is a great advantage as well. Of course I shouldn't fail to mention the pet friendly atmosphere. The city has supplied its downtown residents with puppy poop bags and waste containers as well. It feels like home to me!

Embrace downtown everyone. Be thankful we have one and enjoy it. Come see me. We'll do lunch....Blues BBQ...not Applebees :)

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