Sunday, January 30, 2011

I'm Sure to Offend (Reader Discretion Advised)

A quick thank you to anyone who is taking the time to read my blog. I'm very new to this and its definitely a work in progress. Some of my facebook friends are following and some are commenting but  the total number of people that tune in every week will always be a mystery to me. I don't need to take a roll call of readers but as I look over my friends list (facebook), I realize that I have a sea of diversity among them.

Blacks and whites,Latino and Asians,Democrats and Republicans,Crooks and lawyers, Gays and straights, Christians,Muslims,and Jews oh my!
And a cat named BooBoo.

From time to time this blog will contain some hyper sensitive material that floats around in my brain. I'm approaching this blog as a no holds barred tactic to let it all out. My intentions are not to seek and destroy any friendships or any other established relationships I have collected over the years. I am simply sharing my opinions and thoughts to you.

So let this blog entry serve as a warning label. I am quite sure I will be offending some of you in the future.This is NOT my goal. I am not out to be intentionally provocative. I'm just providing my thoughts and establishing the reasons why and how I think like I do.

Your comments and rage are welcome :) Have a good weekend everyone!

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