Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Years resolution: Try Blogging

Hello All,
As 2011 arrived on time this past Saturday, I quickly set a few goals in mind that I wanted to try. I don't really call them resolutions these days,but more less a new set of experiences to add to my life's to-do list. Some goals need maintaining from last year. More P90x,more travel,perhaps another tattoo?!

Ive also wanted to try blogging,so what better time to start than Jan. 2nd as part of my new years goals and resolutions. I should point out that Ive never done anything like this before. Other than posting my opinions and ideas on facebook I don't really get into doing alot of writing. I have no writing skills,my spelling is horrible( thank you spell check) and my grammar is suspect as bear with me...I write with multiple these.....its how I end sentences these days....its my version of saying uhhhhhh in between sentences.....

I hope you will enjoy reading these blogs. I hope they will offer some insight to what goes on in my mind. My goal is to write one every Sunday,although that is breaking a golden rule of Sundays. I have traditionally tittled Sunday as lazy Sundays (I avoid showers if I can) so this will be a proper challenge for me. An even bigger challenge would be to write a paragraph without over using the word Sunday....this is gonna be a tuff task.

Happy New Year everyone.

Michael G

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