Saturday, January 22, 2011

My Promise to Society.....

I live my life the same way 99.999% of the people live their life on this planet. Anonymously! We go about our days functioning in such a way that goes completely unnoticed on a worldly scale. An extremely small percentage of people live a life under a microscope. Always being examined and judged by the rest of anonymous society. These organisms are usually classified as celebrities,politicians,or the latest craze on youtube, or anyone else living a life in front of a camera to be displayed on their choice of medium. But for the most part we are just one of almost 7 billion drops in a bucket on this Earth.

I don't know how much one drop(myself) can contribute to society that is  going to make a big enough splash on the worldly scale to even make a difference. I do believe in leaving the world in a much better state than I found it, so Ive decided to declare what I think will be my biggest contribution to society. My promise to you...a small, unnoticable world changing difference.

I promise my fellow man that I will NOT annoy you with my ringtone!

Now for the rest of functioning society this is a new concept. I do not expect world peace to result in the promise, but for you ,my fellow man, its peace (and quiet) on a local scale. An anonymous unnoticed contribution to you. I do not expect full conformity in return. I realize how much you are in love with the latest Lady Gaga ringtone,or perhaps even the classic "Sweet Home Alabama". I get it!...but as I'm extremely annoyed by societies loud ass ringtones, I can't help but think that I am not alone in wishing they were toned down a bit. Of course, I realize they are not going away either. I would not expect them to. It's not an exaggeration to suggest that society's cell phone etiquette has alot of growing up to do. Cell phone usuage is relatively young in our society and we need to consider some unwritten rules to promote a civil cell phone society. Allow me to write them down.

Cell Phone 5 Commandments:
1. Do NOT text and drive
2. Lower the volume on ringer (1 or 2 volume bar max.)
3.Lower your voice when talking
4.Consider others in your company before answering
5.Never take a call when engaged in face to face conversation.

When did it become a rule in functioning society that you answer your cell on the spot,regardless of location,regardless of what you're doing,and whom you're with? Perhaps its due to home phone etiquette....In ancient societies it was custom to sprint to the phone in your home as soon as it would ring. I can not think of a time in which,as I was growing up, the phone rang and my parents or I would make a mad dash for answering it. Perhaps it was of high importance to shut the phone up (it was incredibly loud). Sound familar to modern times?

But believe me....Functioning society does not want you acting like you do when you're behind closed doors (when it comes to your phone in public places).We tend to act differently in public than we do behind closed doors, so let's just apply that to our phones.

Excuse me...I must take this call....

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  1. Excellent post. So true too. I keep my phone on vibrate except at night due to use as an alarm clock! I frequent the iggy button too, but it's mostly because of work!